Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Plan Your Trip And Enjoy It Before It’s Gone

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What do medical marijuana, summertime vacation planning, and the closing of Jim Dandy’s restaurant have in common? They will all be featured on today’s Casual Fridays show, that’s what.

We’ll chat with travel agent extraordinaire Dawn Franko of Valparaiso about planning YOUR summer vacation and what YOU should do now to make your escape the best vacation ever.

Jerry and Karen just did this for a summertime trek to the mecca of family vacations – Disneyworld! – and Dawn offered us amazing insights that we had no clue about.

Also, we’ll explore the issue of medical marijuana and legalizing it for medicinal purposes, springboarding off Jerry’s column in today’s Post Tribune. I’ve already received a ton of reader and listener feedback and feel free to call in to today’s show to share your opinion or story.

And we’re sad to say that a genuine region landmark is closing its doors after decades in business. Yes, Jim Dandy’s restaurant in Hobart is closing at the end of this month and we’ll talk with its owner, Jim O’Kelly about the eatery’s last hurrah and how you can still get your last burger, fries and shake….  For memory’s sake if nothing else.


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