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Philpot Appeal Continues

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Attorneys for former Lake County Coroner Thomas Philpot — now serving an 18-month federal prison sentence in Michigan — filed papers in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, arguing that Philpot should have been granted a change of venue and a retrial because of intense media attention to his case. They also argued that prosecutors only proved that Philpot was only negligent when he illegally took more than $24,000 from a state child support incentive fund when he served as the Lake County clerk.

Federal Judge James Moody ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to show that Philpot knew about a state law that says he must ask county officials for permission to take from that fund, before he took the issue to his attorney.  Philpot argues that just because he knew about the law doesn’t mean he knew he was breaking it.

The U.S. Attorney in Hammond has until June 13th to respond to Philpot’s motion.



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