Pence Sidesteps Reports Of Possible Presidential Bid

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April 21, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting –Amid increasing talk about a possible presidential run, Governor Mike Pence says he’s remaining focused on Indiana.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

This week, another in what’s becoming a string of articles and columns about Mike Pence’s presidential viability was released, this time by Bloomberg News. The pieces all sound mostly the same – they mention major party supporters who tout Pence’s résumé, which includes a major leadership position in Congress, a strong social conservative record and tax cuts in his first two legislative sessions as governor. Pence says he’s listening to the voices of those urging him to run and is flattered by the attention:

I think a lot of that speculation is as much a statement about the extraordinary progress that the state of Indiana has made in recent years as it is about our leadership.”

But the governor says, for right now, it will all remain just speculation:

It’s my intention today to seek reelection as governor of Indiana but we won’t make a final decision as a family until next year.”

Pence says while humbled, his thoughts are centered on doing the job he’s already been elected to.



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