Pence Holds Firm On 10% Tax Cut

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Governor Mike Pence Wednesday delivered what he describes as a kind of closing argument in the debate over his tax cut proposal.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the governor won’t back down from his call for a ten percent income tax cut:

Pence says the case for his proposed tax cut isn’t just about the average Hoosier household saving money – he says lowering the income tax will cause the average personal income to increase, boost the state’s GDP and help Indiana compete for more jobs and investment.  Comments Pence made Wednesday indicate he’s open to compromise on other tax cuts in the budget as well as how long it will take to fully implement his income tax cut:

“My objective remains that we’re going to lower the personal income tax rate by ten percent but we’re going to continue to work in good faith through the details of how we bring that about in the state budget process.”

Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley says he thinks it makes more sense to start with the permanent, three percent income tax cut proposed in the Senate budget rather than talking about a more gradual implementation of the bigger ten percent cut:

“And then, when the time comes if we can do it then we can make that decision then.  I don’t know what the point would be of making that decision now.”

Kenley says Pence is negotiating on two fronts – behind closed doors and in the public – but that so far, the governor has consistently held the line on his ten percent cut in both places.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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