Pence Asks President To Reject New EPA Standards

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Governor Mike Pence wants President Obama to reject new carbon emissions standards the Environmental Protection Agency is considering.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, Pence says the new standards would damage the state’s energy future:


Coal-fired power plants provide more than 90 percent of Indiana’s energy, making it the 4th most dependent state on coal-fired electricity.  Proposed EPA standards would require new plants to adhere to carbon emission levels nearly 50 percent lower than what current technology can produce.  Governor Mike Pence says forcing Indiana plants to follow those standards would harm the state’s economy by driving up utility prices:

“Given the importance of low-cost energy to Hoosier jobs and economic growth, we’re going to continue to provide a very strong voice on behalf of common sense at the EPA and at the federal level.”

Hoosier Environmental Council Executive Director Jesse Kharbanda says the coal industry shouldn’t view the proposed standards as a threat but rather an economic opportunity:

“This proposed rule would incent the industry to get to the next chapter and I think that’s important because, if coal has any future in the global marketplace, it has to figure out a way to cut carbon.”

And Kharbanda points out the rule would only apply to new plants and not to the state’s existing facilities.  But the Pence administration says because many of the state’s plants are aging, new facilities will likely be required in the near future…and the proposed EPA rules could prevent those plants from being built.

For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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