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Pence Asks Lawmakers To Sustain Veto

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Governor Mike Pence is calling on lawmakers not to override his veto of a tax bill when the General Assembly meets this week. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



Legislative leaders chose to convene for a technical session Wednesday to consider overriding one of the governor’s vetoes. The legislation primarily deals with local income taxes in Jackson and Pulaski counties, which the government technically collected without authority for the last several years. The bill would retroactively authorize the taxes. Governor Mike Pence says the legislature’s remedy doesn’t meet his standards:


If you owe taxes, pay taxes but if you’ve paid taxes that weren’t owed that the state government ought to find a way to credit those back to you.”


Pence sent letters to each lawmaker urging them to sustain his veto, saying he is exploring administrative fixes to the tax issues in the two counties. Senate President Pro Tem David Long and Speaker Brian Bosma are both continuing to call for an override of the veto. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.




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