Panel: Continue Putting Fluoride In Valpo Water

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August 8, 2014 — A special commission is recommending to the Valparaiso city Utilities Board that it continue putting fluoride in the city’s drinking water supply.

The commission also voted unanimously that the city should reconsider fluoride at least every five years, and more often if any significant research becomes public.  The panel met several times, including meetings with both pro-fluoride and anti-fluoride experts giving evidence on safety and its use to prevent cavities.

Mark Thiros, who is on both the Utilities Board and the fluoride commission, says their only mandate is to provide Valparaiso customers with clean and safe drinking water.   Neuropsychology professor Judith Harrington felt that research that showed harm didn’t show a difference, and that it isn’t in the city’s best interest to stop using it.

The recommendation and resulting report should appear before the Utility Board on Aug. 26th and then for a vote before the City Council on Sept. 8th if the Utilities Board recommends it.

The city of Valparaiso spends $35,000 a year on fluoridation for about 40,000 people.


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