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Outdoor Workers Struggle To Stay Cool

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July 18, 2013 — Staying cool in extremely hot temperatures is tough at times… especially for those who work outside. but whether you’re in or out… there are plenty of ways to keep your cool and survive what are known as the dog days of summer. The Lakeshore’s Denise Turner canvasses the region to find ways to deal with  the heat.  Her report:

Everyone needs to be a bit more cautious on sweltering hot days like today when ozone levels are unpredictably high especially those who work outdoors. brick layer…Gared McMahan says he knows all to well the dangers of working in intense heat.

Gared McMahan, Bricklayer — It is a mental process. You have to be careful, you have to be cautious because if you fall over, there’s six feet of deadfall and you can really hurt yourself, it’s very dangerous up there.

McMahan says he and a four men crew find ways to stay cool especially on long assignments.

McMahan–We keep a cooler full of water and take random breaks all day. We stop and re-hydrate because it’s a stagnate hot when you are in these corners of buildings where there is no airflow.
Denise Turner–All the experts say the same thing, if you’re out on a hot day like today, make sure you have on your sun block, perhaps a hat, and have plenty of water.  And if you can… stay close to an air conditioner …

Jim Scalchas, Cline Heating & Supply Owner–Buy the cheaper filters but change them more often, that’s the best tip we can give you.

Cline Heating and Supply owner Jim Scalchas says he doles out that tip to many of his clients. He says buying filters monthly will help keep the dust and dirt out of the units.


The National Weather Service says during the heat wave take it easy when outside…  move a little slower to avoid heat exhaustion… wear lightweight and light-colored clothing… and spend as much time as possible in air conditioning.

Stacy Gaza, Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager–Any resident of the town of Merrillville can come and use the cooling center.

Gaza says her office has received a few calls of interest about their cooling center but so far, no one has actually used it. In Crown Point, Denise Turner, Lakeshore News.


Contact your local city or town hall to find out the hours and location of your area cooling center.



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