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Organ Donors Sought During National Donation Month

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An organ and tissue donor network says 117-thousand people might die if they don’t get a new organ.  Franciscan Saint Anthony Health in Crown Point held a donor organ registration program yesterday, to reduce that number.  The Lakeshore’s Denise Turner tells why becoming a donor saves lives….
Northwestern Transport Center called Linda Ramos ten years ago to tell her they had an organ for her.  A life changing call, she says it gave her a second chance at life.

Linda Ramos, Donor Recipient: It has given me great health, it has given my daughter a mom for another 10 years, and it’s given my husband a wife for another 10 years.

Jason Delgado also got a call. His call was for a new heart.

Jason Delgado, Donor Recipient: A nice strong heart in there, and so that it was wonderful.

Delgado and Ramos have another chance at life because of donation programs like Franciscan St Anthony’s National Donate Life Month … when people can sign up to become an organ donor.

Kevin Cmunt, President and CEO of Gift of Hope: In our business, it’s all about connecting families. Starting with families that suffered a terrible tragedy and the lost of a loved one.

Denise Turner: These people gave the gift of life through eye, organ and tissue donation.  Diane Gedda signed up today.  Now she’s an organ donor and is ready to save a life when it’s her turn.

Diane Gedda, Organ Donor: Being a donor helps me knowing that I’m helping someone else because it has been help with a family member of mine.

And signing up is not enough, the Gift of Hope says, donors should tell someone they’re registered.

Alice Jenkins, Hospital Liaison for Hope of Life:  It would be sad you know them to not know that you wanted to be a donor.

Registering to be an organ donor only takes minutes, and a getting a call can last a lifetime.  In Crown Point, Denise Turner, Lakeshore News.



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