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One Region Holds Healthcare Forum to Improve Hoosiers Way of Life

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A healthy conservation is setting priorities about the health of region residents, hoping to change people’s bodies by changing their minds.  The conversation started today with the topic: How well do you think Northwest Indiana is doing?

Porter Starke Services President and CEO Rocco Schiralli says, “This is a good start by looking at, starting with the baseline; the current indicators show that we are not doing so well.”

Nursing Professor at Purdue University Calumet Dr. Leslie Rittenmeyer says, “Now we know there have been new studies done, so this next indicator report should be much more accurate in terms of data.”

As questions about health became more reflective, residents took a closer look at the condition of communities.

Legacy Foundation Interim President Leigh Morris says, “It’s a little surprising to many of us from La Porte County to see our county rank lower than Lake County in many of these factors.  We used to think of ourselves as, and we are, La Porte County and now recognize how much deterioration has occurred is rather alarming.”

A table member says government policies will affect a significant amount of Hoosiers’ ability to get health coverage.


Schiralli says, “We the people need to holler about that and raise a stink.”

Attorney, Tracy Banker says, “I think that ties into responsible government, which leads to responsible legislation those facilities better jobs, better economy, better healthcare down the line.”

Area Director Better Business Bureau Area Connie Kann says she respects the government but believes, “They are not doing a great job.  They are arguing about everything, thinking about them, building in laws that cover themselves, and not seeing themselves as part of the public, which they have to start learning how to get along because everyone suffers.”

This group turned the table to education because healthcare coverage ties to jobs which connect to education.

HealthLinc Chief Executive Officer Beth Wrobel says, “If you are not successful in school, kind of, like what they said, you’re not going to be able to have a good job and hopefully have insurance.”

Schiralli says, “So I think we need to begin by making sure everybody has proper access to healthcare services and educated to make sure they follow through.”

One Region plans to publish the results of its study about health and other region priorities in 2016.


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