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Officials Dig Marina Access Road Construction Project

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December 17, 2013 by Hilary Powell — It’s a ground-breaking start to a brighter future for businesses in the City of Gary:  the new Gary Marina access road construction officially got underway today.

Local officials say Gary is growing from the ground up.  Today, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and business leaders broke ground on the Gary Marina access road.

The overpass will connect Cline Avenue to the access road at Majestic Star Casino by revamping Buffington Harbor Drive.

Mayor Freeman-Wilson says, “It is going to improve transportation immensely.  The underpass was not accommodating to 18-wheelers.  This is a road that can withstand regular truck traffic.”

Project officials say the Indiana Department of Transportation approved the $7-million project.

Developers from Indianapolis-based American Structurepoint Incorporated say the new road will provide highway access to both area businesses and people bound for the casino.  American Structurepoint Inc. Vice President says, “The benefit would be to the casino and all the future development that can occur in all this ground that you see around you that doesn’t have this access today.”

Statistics show the upgrade could be a much needed move.

A 2013 report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers found Indiana ranks eighth nationwide for highway vehicle-miles traveled, but reports nearly 20%  of state roadways need improvement.

Murphy says, “Much railroad, truck traffic, freight, really all the components that are necessary for economic development have to come around the south end of Lake Michigan, end up traveling through northwest Indiana, so as a location for distribution, for access to not only the Midwest but both the East and West Coasts of this country.”

Officials with Structurepoint say Northwest Indiana is fertile territory for development, and though a groundbreaking occurred today, they hope by fall 2014 it will be a ribbon cutting.



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