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Obamacare Set to Start as Budget Vote Passes

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December 18, 2013 — by Sarah Holst & Jerry Howard

For many citizens time is running out to start the new year with a new health insurance plan.

Hoosiers wanting federal health insurance coverage on January 1 must enroll and pay their first premium by Monday, December 23.  The original deadline of December 15 was extended due to issues with the website.  In order to complete the sign–up process in time health care advocates urge those seeking coverage on January 1 to enroll as soon as possible.

Enrollment through the federal health insurance marketplace will continue through March 31.

While the nation is implementing the Affordable Care Act, Indiana’s U.S. Senator Dan Coats says he wants to repeal it.  Coats recently presented comments from Hoosiers about their experiences with the nation’s health care system plans, asking his colleagues to stop Obamacare from fully taking effect.

Coats says Hoosiers tell him the President promised they could keep preferred insurance and preferred doctors with the new plan, which would be affordable.  He says that’s not the case, saying the President is guilty of “overpromising and underperforming.”

Coats tried to get Obamacare repealed for a different plan with market alternatives to the Affordable Care Act by tying Obamacare to the national budget, saying it has a trillion-dollar cost.  Today the Senate passed a new federal budget without repealing the act.

President Obama agrees with Senator Coats– that the nation’s health care law has been contentious, when Congress tried to use the federal budget to shut down the government to stop Obamacare.  He also admitted “poor execution” by his Administration in implementing the new law.  He said public frustration involves personal budgets, not just a federal budget.  Obama says the plan addresses a marketplace where 14,000 Americans lost health insurance daily before the new law.


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