Obama Wants Military Strike Option in Syria

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September 10, 2013 — In a speech initially planned to build support for a military strike against Syria, President Barack Obama’s address tonight blended the threat of a military strike with the hope of a diplomatic solution that would get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons.

And for now, the Administration’s efforts to get Congress on board for a strike against the Bashar Assad regime have taken on a far less urgent tone.

Click here for the President’s full speech text.

THE WHITE HOUSE Obama Syrian military strike speech

Syria’s foreign minister said today his government is ready to turn over its chemical weapons stockpile, in line with a proposal from Russia, and he says Syria is prepared to sign an international chemical weapons convention that it has rejected in the past.

With Syria reacting positively to the Russian proposal, Secretary of State John Kerry has scheduled a trip to Geneva on Thursday to meet with Russia’s foreign minister.

Indiana Senator Dan Coats is a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  He  said today that he doesn’t support a Senate resolution to authorize a U.S. strike against Syria.

Another senator who discussed Syria today with the President says Obama “wasn’t overly optimistic” that a solution can be reached at the United Nations.  Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin quotes Obama as saying that even if a credible plan can be worked out, it could be difficult to push it through the Security Council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that a U.N. effort can only succeed if the U.S. and its allies “reject the use of force.”



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