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NWI Web Business Answers A Milestone Question

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August 12, 2014 — A Lake Station-based company that’s become an Internet destination for interesting answers to interesting questions is celebrating its answer to its 100th question.

Digital Lizard Productions LLC debuted “First World Answers” back in March on its website and through social media.  Short three- to ten-minute episodes are released Monday through Friday showcasing Michael Goodpaster and Keith Evans debating one irrelevant issue that most people should laugh off as a “first world problem.”   Evans says they got to the point last week that they felt they should ask their viewers what issues should be explored.

Over the past few months the duo’s answered questions like “Who is the Best TV Neighbor of All Time?”, “Who Has the Worst Fans: NHL, UFC, or NASCAR?” and even head-scratchers “Rock, Paper, or Scissors? Why?”. Clearly there is not a question or topic too controversial, too silly or too random that won’t eventually be covered in some fashion.  Evans says he and Mikey are ready to continue the discussion with the next 100 questions.


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