NWI School Districts On Latest State Report Card

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January 16, 2014 —

INDIANAPOLIS – The State Board of Education on Wednesday assigned 26 more school districts As and Bs for the 2013 school year than they did the year before.

Twenty-two districts received Ds and Fs compared with 31 the year before.  The Department of Education released the grades Wednesday after the board approved them.

East Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis Public Schools and Medora Schools (Jackson County) all received an F.  The Hammond City Schools’ grade improved from F last year to a D rating.  Lake Station Community Schools in Lake Station had the largest drop in points that caused a slide from B to C.

Unlike the grades for individual schools that came out last month, the district grades don‘t lead to sanctions, such as state intervention.

The grades represent a combined model that takes into account grades for the elementary and middle schools, high schools and weighted overall averages.  Board member Dan Elsener said he hoped the board would consider an analyses of similarly situated schools to determine why some are doing better than others.

“What habits of attitude, heart and mind are present or absent in one school that makes it more successful than another and what can we share to assist with others’ improvement?” he said.

The district marks come several weeks after the state board approved grades for individual schools. The board approved 805 As, 382 Bs, 332 Cs and 195 Ds among public schools.

The grades are based largely on ISTEP standardized test scores, along with graduation rates.

The grading formula is set to change next year – with more emphasis put on individual student growth rather than overall achievement – although policymakers haven’t finished working on the new criteria.

The breakdown of district grades was:

94 As in 2013, compared to 93 in 2012
82 Bs in 2013, compared with 57 in 2012
91 Cs in 2013, compared with 109 in 2012
18 Ds in 2013, compared with 25 in 2012
4 Fs in 2013, compared with 6 in 2012


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