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NWI Runners in Boston Marathon Recall The Tragic Blasts

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Most of the local runners in the Boston Marathon are safe, after two bombs went off Monday near the finish line of the race … killing three people and injuring dozens.  A Highland woman …Beth Roche… was seriously injured in the blast and is still recovering.  Renetta Dubose has more stories of those runners from the Region who experienced the account first hand….

Renetta Dubose:  A seemingly perfect day for running quickly turned into a horrific experience, after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Among those killed were an eight-year-old boy and a 29-year-old woman, both from Massachusetts.  Lowell resident Jeff Mescal completed the race before the blast and had already started celebrating at the nearby Cheers Bar.

Jeff Mescal: I received a text message from another friend … it was for real.

Mescal … who is on his 44th marathon … and his third race in Boston … says it was a beautiful day to run, but within seconds the race became irrelevant.

Mescal: Every type of emergency vehicle was…people being evacuated looked shocked…they had a shocked look.

Misty Chandos of Cedar Lake shared on her Facebook timeline that she is thankful for her life and sorry for the people hurt or killed.  She let everyone know she is safe and out of the city.  Mescal also sent his heart out to the victims and was happy to know that his wife … who accompanied him to Boston for his first two marathons … stayed home this time.

Jeff Mescal: the first time she was at the bar where the bomb went off.

Mescal says he does ten to 12 marathons a year and that will not change.

Mescal: Everyone is committed to running in Boston again.

Several runners … both locally and in other states are launching a Facebook campaign to remember the victims.  Renetta Dubose…Lakeshore News.
Relatives of Beth Roche …the Highland woman seriously injured at the race could not be reached for comment.  She was sitting in the VIP bleachers near the finish line with her husband Ken as her daughter crossed the finish line. The bomb exploded less than a minute later.



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