Nurses Stand To Gain From ACA

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July 18, 2013 — It looks like the nation‘s nurses are also feeling the effects of the Affordable Care Act. Network Indiana’s Mike Corbin reports…


University of Indianapolis Associate Professor of Nursing Corinne Wheeler says the Affordable Care Act will ultimately benefit nursing as a profession by creating greater access to medical care. However, Wheeler says many healthcare organizations are currently unsure about care reimbursements and how Obamacare will actually work. As a result, she says many are streamlining staff and outsourcing jobs, including nurses. Wheeler says this is happening despite the looming nursing shortage. Currently, she says many older nurses in their 60s and 70s are remaining on the job because of the economy. However, she adds many of those nurses will soon retire. In Indianapolis, she says many hospitals are still hiring and there‘s really a shortage of positions in nursing homes, long term care, community clinics and wellness and prevention facilities. She says the need for more highly-educated nurses remains important. Wheeler says that means nurses should obtain masters and doctoral degrees in nursing.


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