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NRA Convention Begins Sat. In Indy

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April 23, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting –80 thousand gun owners and enthusiasts are descending on Indianapolis this weekend as the National Rifle Association hosts its annual convention. As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the convention’s presence is drawing attention from those on both sides of the gun rights debate:


The four day event is expected to generate millions of dollars. And the head of the Indiana chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America says she doesn’t have any problem with the many NRA members who will visit Indianapolis for the convention. Nicki McNally says her issue is with NRA leadership, which she says focuses on scaring its members into thinking people are trying to take away their guns:

Having the convention here sends the message that we’re supporting an organization that keeps common sense gun laws from being passed in this country.”

 Republican State Senator Johnny Nugent is a member of the NRA Board of Directors. He says he feels sorry for people like McNally who have already made their minds up about the NRA:

I wish that those that have the philosophy of being scared of guns would try to learn more – and this convention’s a wonderful way to learn.”

 Political leaders including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Mike Pence and Senator Dan Coats are scheduled to speak at the convention.



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