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NIPSCO Offering Ways To Help Customers Pay Their Bills

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The state’s winter moratorium on low-income customer shut-offs ends today (March 15), but NIPSCO says it  offers a number of other assistance programs, payment arrangements and energy-efficiency programs to help customers with their utility bills.  NIPSCO spokesman Nick Meyer says one of them is the federally-funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Program.   It supports households falling within 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines.  NIPSCO’s CARE Discount Program is designed to provide further bill reductions to LIHEAP-eligible customers. For customers just outside the federal poverty guidelines for LIHEAP, the NIPSCO Hardship Program offers up to $200 in natural gas bill assistance to households.  Those funds can be sought thru local Community Action Programs.  More information about all of the assistance programs can be found on NIPSCO’s web site.


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