New Valparaiso Roundabout Project Moves Ahead

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Valparaiso’s Redevelopment Commission on Wednesday approved funding for the local share and a construction management contract to build the Five-Points roundabout on Vale Park Road.  City Engineering Director Tim Burkman says  construction could start in mid-April and is due to be completed in November. INDOT awarded the construction contract to Walsh & Kelly for nearly $2.3-million, more than 80 percent to be paid with federal grants.   American StructurePoint designed the roundabout and was hired to handle the construction management.  Burkman says Burlington Beach Road is recommended as an alternate route to Vale Park Road during the roundabout’s construction.  He got the redevelopment commission’s approval of a $50-thousand contract with Chicago Heights contractor DiCiccio Concrete to build a culvert on Burlington Beach between State Road 49 and Silhavy Road to handle the additional expected traffic.


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