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New State Slogan Hopes to Unify Indiana

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February 12 — From the steelyards to the cornfields, Indiana residents are authentic. That is the message behind new branding for the state of Indiana.

Officials from the Indiana Office of Tourism Development announced today a new consumer branding — “Honest to Goodness Indiana” — which they hope can create a spirit of unity across state regions.

“Everywhere you go in Indiana, the people and the experiences are genuine. Even our busiest attractions satisfy and delight visitors because here, more so than anywhere else, hospitality matters. That’s real. That’s Honest to Goodness Indiana,” Lt. Governor Ellspermann says.

In a press release today, the Office of Tourism Development points to the state’s upcoming bicentennial in 2016 as a catalyst for the new slogan. “Honest to Goodness Indiana” replaces the “Restart Your Engines” campaign that was launched in April 2006. Officials say the new slogan is a way to bring the “undertold stories” of Indiana residents to the forefront in some national publications.

The launch of the new brand comes as new economic impact data reveals the importance of tourism to Indiana’s economy. The report, released in late December 2013, shows the travel, tourism and hospitality industry is the sixth largest industry in the state (excluding government), is directly responsible for nearly 140,000 jobs and contributes $10 billion in revenue to Indiana businesses.


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