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New Sports venue Coming to NWI

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September 3, 2013 – Chesterton, IN – Duneland Family Sports and Entertainment, a division of Duneland Sports Authority, an Indiana non-profit Corporation, has positively concluded a six month feasibility study entitled Game ON! DSA aims to construct and professionally operate a multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue in Northwest Indiana, Porter County, currently entitled Duneland Arena. Duneland Family Sports and Entertainment was established in 2012 to determine the feasibility of constructing and successfully operating a multi-purpose professionally managed state of the art LEED platinum toward net-plus family friendly multi-purpose entertainment and sports venue. This project is led, owned and operated by non-profit Duneland Family Sports and Entertainment. DSA’s mission is to: Build and operate a multi-purpose venue that is LEED platinum toward net-plus, sustainable, green, ethical and transparent. Provide family-friendly entertainment and sports to Northwest Indiana and greater Chicagoland.

Some features will include: Contract with local venders and retain financial resources and revenues in the community. Source personnel locally through educational career conduits. Source concessions with a local supply-chain. Support local sports initiatives with revenues above operating costs. Headquartered in Chesterton, Indiana, DSA is led by Founder and Chairman Paul Boardman. Together with a consortium of local, state and national interested parties, DSA will closely coordinate regarding key strategic decisions on capital partnerships, target markets, and new projects.

DSA combines its breath of talent and background and will seek private capital for Duneland Arena. DSA’s initiative will foster additional development and investment opportunities for investment partners. DSA is combining strengths to allow partnerships with a consortium of Northwest Indiana organizations to significantly expand economic growth, sports and entertainment. In addition, Game ON! offers exciting new opportunities for investors to partner in this development long-term which is focused on community-enhancing economic development in thriving and forward-looking Northwest Indiana.

Northwest Indiana is the second largest populous community in Indiana next to Indianapolis. Game ON! is positioned for Duneland Arena to provide as many as 120 events per calendar year ranging from concerts to professional and amateur sports. Duneland Arena, as America’s first LEED platinum toward net-plus venue in its class, conceived, designed and built multi-purpose venue represents a significant step forward for Northwest Indiana and America’s sustainable goals.

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