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New Port Of Indiana Director Talks About The Future

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The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor kicked off its shipping season with several vessels…including a German ship carrying the world’s largest conventional crawler crane.  Renetta Dubose has more on the port’s new director, Rick Heimann, and shares his vision for economic development for the Hoosier State….

Renetta Dubose:  The Port of Indiana Burns Harbor already handles more ocean-going cargo that any other U.S. port on the Great Lakes.  And now that there is a new leader … the goal is to develop and maintain a world class port system.

Rick Heimann: It operates with maximum flexibility…is strategically driven…and is self-funded enterprise that helps support the state of Iindiana.

Port Director Rick Heimann joined the shipping mecca in mid-January.  The Saint Joseph of Renssaelar graduate brings experience from ArcelorMittal’s rail and water transport … AK Steel’s raw material and steel movement department and a barge transport company.
Heimann: I had the opportunity..when this opportunity was presented…to use all of my background. I couldn’t pass this up.

Heimann says he envisions making the already successful port even more of an economic engine for the Hoosier State.  He has been working with economic development groups locally and statewide to expand.  and is hoping to offer more than 100 acres to businesses wanting to grow.

Heimann:  Allow companies here to grow or the ones coming in to allow them advantages to do their business in the state of Indiana.

Renetta: Expanding the port is currently being discussed in the state legislature through Senate Bill 585,  sponsored by Sen. Ed Charbonneau.  Heimann says this bill can give the state access to more revenue.

Heimann: We can’t expand north because that’s the lake. So if we are to expand, it will have to be another area.  If the Port of Burns Harbor expands, it will likely be in Gary

In Portage…Renetta Dubose, Lakeshore News.


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