New Law Gives Veterans Careers in the Classroom

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April 22, 2014 — State Reps. Earl Harris (D-East Chicago), Chuck Moseley (D-Portage), and Shelli VanDenburgh (D-Crown Point) participated in a ceremonial bill signing for a new law that is expected to encourage veterans to become teachers as part of a “Second Service for Veterans” program.

Harris, Moseley, and VanDenburgh were co-sponsors of Senate Enrolled Act 331, which Gov. Pence signed into law earlier. Various legislators joined the governor for a formal bill signing Tuesday.

“Veterans have skills and experiences that would be extremely valuable to students in the classroom,” said Harris. “Indiana is wise to utilize these valuable resources found in America’s heroes. In addition, helping our veterans find new careers and good-paying jobs is the right thing to do.”

Moseley agreed and explained aspects of the new law.

“The law provides career and academic counseling for veterans enrolled in schools of education,” explained Moseley. “In addition, in-state tuition would be offered to out-of-state veterans who apply and are accepted in the ‘Second Service’ program. Another aspect of the law would be the development of scholarship opportunities for veterans who are students majoring in education.”

VanDenburgh added that the veterans’ skills and training will translate into college credit.

“Another important aspect of the new law is that military training and experience will count toward an education degree when they are applicable,” said VanDenburgh. “It is critical that veterans, who have given so much of their lives in service to our country, be given life experience credit toward obtaining a degree. This will reduce the time and cost involved in earning a degree.”

VanDenburgh explained that veterans who pass college equivalency exams or complete courses at an accredited, post-secondary education institution during service will have the opportunity to obtain college credits.

Additionally, the “Second Service” program will require creation of a strategic plan to attract and recruit veterans to schools of education.

The three Northwest Indiana legislators said it was important to provide educational and career opportunities to the men and women who served in the military, because Indiana and its citizens owe these veterans a debt of gratitude.

Source: Indiana House of Representatives


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