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New Federal Budget Brings New Sense of Region Rail Urgency

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December 30, 2013 by Jerry Howard

While Congress is taking a winter holiday break, Indiana’s First District U.S. Representative Pete Visclosky says it has work to do, and he wants that work to be a collaboration with Northwest Indiana leaders.

Visclosky says “time is of the essence” for Region leaders to create their own local collaborative effort to draft plans for expansion of South Shore commuter rail service. ┬áHe believes the federal budget has some opportunities for transportation project spending, though limited to the best, and first, projects that make sense for federal financial support.

He thinks expansion plans are overdue, especially in preparation for a future that likely will involve a nation whose population gravitates to larger metropolitan areas, and he compares Chicago’s economy to Sweden’s in size.

Visclosky spoke to Lakeshore News recently about the urgency for making commuter rail expansion a priority for the Region.


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