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More Than 30 Cats Dumped At Hobart Humane Society

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It has been all hands on deck since someone dumped more than 30 cats outside the Humane Society of Hobart.  The staff has put in overtime since Friday to make sure the stranded cats received the proper treatment.  Kennel Assistant Christy Bennett said she could not believe what she saw when she arrived at work.

“Oh my gosh!  Here we go again, another dump off,” Bennett said.

When Bennett and Kennel Aid Angela Devine arrived at work at 7 a.m., they noticed four cages inside the fence out back.

“There were cats in everyone of them from one side filled all the way to the other one.  There were a lot of them crammed in there,” said Devine.

A total of 34 cats were inside the cages.  Devine said she and Bennett began helping the felines immediately.

“We brought them in and got them all divided up from the really sick ones and the healthy ones and just managed it from there.”

Resources at the shelter are stretched to the limit because it already has close to one hundred dogs and cats.  A few of the strays, which include gray and tiger mixes, were expecting.  One gave birth to four additional kittens.  The society found foster homes for about ten cats that were ill. 

The humane society is still trying to figure out how the cats were dumped.  The fence in the back of the facility where the cats were dumped is locked.  Kennel Assistant and Rescue Coordinator Emily Koskela said outside of the staff at the society, the police department is the only other entity with keys.  In fact, Koskela said surveillance video shows a Hobart police vehicle around 3:30 a.m. when the cats were left inside the fence, where a few dogs are also kept.  The rest is unclear. While the wait continues to identify the perpetrator, Devine said the cats will be prepared for adoption.

“Some of them are scared and don’t really want us to handle them at the moment.  Some are very friendly.  Some of them are depressed because they are ill.  We had some whose eyes were totally glued shut, underweight, a variety of things.”

While the site of four crates full of cats was shocking, Bennett said animal dumping happens at least two to three times a year. 

“They take in a stray that may be pregnant and they don’t have the funds or the means.  They have good intentions and then it gets out of control because they don’t have anybody spayed or neutered.”

If you can’t immediately adopt an animal, Koskela said there are plenty of other options.

“If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, sponsor.  If you can’t sponsor, educate.”

The humane society is accepting donations to help care for the cats.  It has already received countless amounts of food and cat litter.  Koskela said monetary donations and gift cards are the best donations at this time.  In addition, the humane society will accept the following items:

Cat pans

Plastic water and food dishes

Cat toys (no catnip)

Towels (hand or paper) and blankets

Formula and bottles

Since the cats are strays, they are also in need of flea medication.  The facility needs bleach as well.

For more information about how to help, visit The Humane Society of Hobart’s website at


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