Motorists Can Start Early Emissions Tests

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By: Lakeshore Staff

October 7, 2014 — Passenger and light duty gasoline-powered vehicles with odd model-years from 2011 – 1977 that are registered in Lake and Porter counties are due for emissions testing in 2015. Clean Air Car Check allows early testing for next year starting October 1st of the preceding year. A vehicle due for testing in 2015 can be tested now. If the vehicle passes, that test will be valid for the vehicle’s emissions testing compliance until 2017 . With a passing test you will have peace of mind knowing that the vehicle’s engine is running efficiently, saving both fuel and money while doing your part to improve air quality in Northwest Indiana.

Early testing is especially beneficial for Lake or Porter County residents who may spend their winters out of state, or for college students or military personnel who return home for the holidays. With early testing, there is less risk that a vehicle will be out of state or away at school with an expired license plate. Early testing also gives the motorist more time to address any emissions issues should the vehicle fail its test.

If a motorist is certain that their vehicle will fail its emissions test, Clean Air Car Check recommends testing the vehicle at an emissions testing site prior to starting any emissions-related repairs. Doing so will provide the motorist access to resources such as a comprehensive test report, waiver criteria, Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facilities and technical repair advice.

No paperwork is needed to test a vehicle, so motorists do not need to wait to receive a registration renewal notice from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Simply drive the vehicle in to a Clean Air Car Check testing facility and inspectors will scan the Vehicle Identification Number to begin the test.

Vehicle registration expirations dates fall on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month. To limit the time you spend waiting at a testing facility, Clean Air Car Check recommends avoiding those expiration dates and the days just before and after them. For the shortest wait, testing stations are typically least busy on Saturday afternoons.

Source: Clean Air Car Check



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