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Morbid Animal Crime Gets Felonies for Juvenile

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August 21, 2013 —  An East Chicago teenager is facing two felony charges after allegedly attacking kittens near his home with a bow and arrows.  The Lake County Sheriff’s Department began investigating the incident after receiving several calls from concerned residents who reported seeing photos of the 17-year-old suspect posing with the kittens after they were killed.

Sheriff’s Department records show the Department filed Animal Cruelty charges this week with the Lake County Prosecutors Office, Juvenile Division against the 17-year-old juvenile.

The Department says the juvenile confessed to investigators that during the week of August 4, 2013 he felt “bored” and decided to use a compound bow and arrows to “hunt” kittens living in the alley behind his residence.

The Sheriff’s Department says the juvenile killed three kittens, including one speared through the head and another “which was disemboweled.”  This juvenile then subsequently posted photos of himself playing with the speared and disemboweled kittens on Facebook.  “The Lake County Sheriff’s Department believes Facebook eventually removed the photographs due to their objectionable nature.”

Department Detective Michelle Dvorscak says the nature of the crime is disturbing, along with the disregard that the juvenile has shown so far for the killings.

Charges filed against the juvenile are felonies, including “Killing A Domestic Animal” and “Torturing Or Mutilating A Domestic Animal.”

The Department says any questions regarding this case can be directed to Lake County Sheriff’s Department Detective Michelle Dvorscak at 219-755-3346.


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