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Money $mart Week Leads To Money $ense

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This Friday, April 11, Lakeshore Public Television will premier the new program, “Money Sense”. The premier comes at the end of Money Smart Week, a week long public education campaign featuring free classes and activities to help people better manage their money.


Anthony Contrucci on location for a taping of Money $ense

Money Sense is a five-part television series designed to educate the public on personal financial issues and improve financial wellness. It is produced by Lakeshore Public Media in partnership with Centier Bank and the Plan Sponsor Council of America. Host Anthony Contrucci covers a variety of topics including budgeting, financial planning, debt management, credit, protection against identity theft, and insurance. Money Sense premieres in April 2014 on Lakeshore Public Television. Lakeshore Public Television is available over the air on broadcast Channel 56.1, Comcast Channel 17 or 21, RCN Channel 4, and Channel 56 on AT&T U-Verse, DirectTV, and Dish Network.


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  1. google says:

    This show sounds great . . . this is education we ALL need! So nice to hear a young and energetic banker who wants help clients SUCCEED! It sounds like he knows that his ultimate success rests on the success of his clients. Can’t wait for the first show. Thank you!

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