Midwest Beat with Tom Lounges

Midwest BEAT Sets The Musical Compass to HEAD EAST with guest Roger Boyd

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HEAD EAST were once arch rivals with REO Speedwagon during their college years down in the Illinois towns of Carbondale and Champagne-Urbana.  Then with hit songs like “NEVER BEEN ANY REASON,” “SINCE YOU BEEN GONE” and “GET UP AND ENJOY YOURSELF,” Midwest rock group HEAD EAST became a hit-making band of the early 1970s…

To this day, HEAD EAST remain a staple on classic rock radio playlists worldwide.  Despite an evolving membership over the decades, HEAD EAST has never given up the ghost…They have continued touring and recording and releasing new albums.  On this evening’s program, show host Tom Lounges chats with the HEAD HEAST keyboardist and founder ROGER BOYD.

Along with the ingterview, listeners will hear tracks from Head East’s new live concert CD, “RAISE A LITTLE HELL.”


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