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Michigan City Boy Dead After Dangerous Gun Game

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September 16, 2013 —  Investigators say a dangerous game with a gun killed a Michigan City toddler, and now one of his guardians is behind bars.

Residents in Terrace Acres Mobile Home Park, just off US 20 near Hitchcock Street, are in shock after a Sunday afternoon shooting on Farmington Drive.

“Thought I heard maybe one pop.  I’m not quite sure if it was or not,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors also said police and other emergency vehicles arrived at the home just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday.   La Porte County Detective Sergeant Andrew Hynek said that’s when police took a call that a three year-old child was shot once with a handgun.  24-year-old Zachariah L. Grisham, the toddler’s mother’s boyfriend, has been charged.

“In the past, the father’s said they’ve played games where the little boy goes pow pow pow and he comes around and uses a real gun.  Do you think the mother would not know that her boyfriend had that gun in the house and allowed that boyfriend to do that with your three-year-old kid?  In my eyes, she’s just as much as responsible as him,” said a resident who lived near the mobile home.

Sgt. Hynek said the so called “pow-pow” game did in fact kill the three-year-old.  Police charged Grisham with Neglect of a Dependent, a class “A” felony and Reckless Homicide, a class “C” felony. The news is changing the way resident Carla Campbell parents.

“She cannot go anywhere without me.  She cannot go in anyone else’s house right now. It just scares me that they might have a gun.  She’s only five.  She knows not to be around guns, but stuff could happen,” said Campbell.

“About maybe two months, maybe even a month ago that gentleman was out there cutting the grass and that three your old boy was playing out there while he was cutting the grass.  Knowing that that three year old boy’s not around anymore, that’s rough,” a neighbor said.

Sgt. Hynek said Grisham will have his initial court appearance the morning of Thursday, Sept. 19, at La Porte County Courthouse.


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