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Message To Underage Drinkers: We Don’t Serve Teens Here

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April 18, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting — Indiana liquor stores and alcohol distributors are partnering on a new campaign to combat underage drinking called We Don’t Serve Teens.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

The new campaign includes signs and posters in stores and bars and increased promotion on industry websites. Liquor stores will include informational cards hung on liquor bottles promoting Indiana’s Lifeline law, which provides immunity from underage drinking charges for minors who seek medical or police help for someone else in trouble. Big Red Liquors representative Matt Bell says the alcohol provider industry is committed to curbing the problem – but notes there’s only so much they can do:

It’s through friends, it’s through adults, it’s through parents and it’s through parents’ friends. So the legislature has now created penalties for an adult who would knowingly and willingly provide that alcohol. We think that’s a great step forward.”


Attorney General Greg Zoeller says, when trying to combat underage drinking, toughening penalties doesn’t always provide an answer. Zoeller uses the example of a recent effort to crack down on beer kegs at college parties:

Now it’s shifted where people are buying half-gallons of vodka or some type of pure-grain alcohol and they mix it up into these big batches, which is actually more dangerous than the beer that we got out of these parties.”


Bell says part of the campaign will be to educate about the dangers of underage drinking, noting that one in four Hoosiers between the ages of 12 and 20 report having alcohol in the last month, while one in six say they’ve engaged in binge drinking.



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