Merrillville and Other Schools Resume Classes

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January 9, 2014 by Denise Turner

Several schools return to classes today, the first day back to school since a winter storm extended holiday breaks for some schools by three days.

Merrillville Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Sperling says, “We are really looking forward to having everyone back tomorrow morning.  The school, we are anxious to be back teaching and learning.”

Students and some teachers will finally go back to school from Christmas break when they resume classes this morning.  Sperling says school was closed early this week because of frigid weather that included wind chills roughly 40-degrees below zero.  Though temperatures improved, he had other safety reasons for keeping schools closed.

Sperling says, “This morning, it was still rather cold, but school was closed primarily today because of the icy conditions of the roads.  Our concern that our buses would not be able to maneuver all the large area that we have maneuvers to.”

Sperling says he is concerned also with snow piles on the sides of roadways where many children stand waiting for morning buses, “The snow piles, the snow is deep in some cases they were 2, 3 to 4 feet of snow piled up; to have a little child sitting next to that or standing next to that would be very dangerous.”

Sperling says there are nearly 100 buses that service his school district.  The bus routes cover Deep River to the border of Gary–into the west end of Hobart and near the border of Lake Central.

He says he wants to be sure everyone is safe, “After temperatures warm up a little and some of the snow starts to melt, the town and the cities have more of an opportunity to move the snow away from the corners.”

The Superintendent says Merrillville’s public schools will open at regular times for a full school day.


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