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Merrillville’s Krutz Indiana “Principal of the Year”

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November 27, 2013 — While graduation is several months away, the excitement at Merrillville High School was nothing short of pomp and circumstance.  Staff and students lauded Michael Krutz for the work that led to the Indiana Association of School Principals awarding him Principal of the Year.

Merrillville School Corporation Superintendent Mark Sperling told the gymnasium full of students that Krutz, who worked as his Assistant Principal, has always supported team work.

Sperling said, “The reason we’re so good is because we have great leadership in the places they belong.”

Sperling joined other school leaders and students in sharing remarks of how well Principal Krutz carries the torch of education in Merrillville.

Senior Will Akins read a letter detailing why Krutz is great at what he does.

“Every day you go through the halls keeping us focused and on track with your constant reminders like, ‘Yo! Where’s your ID?'”

From keeping students in line to making sure the right educators are in place, it all adds up to the high marks being given at the high school, which includes an “A” grade for the past three years.  Akins said Krutz is deserving of the award because he cares.

“He will volunteer his time, extra hours and services, things that he does not get paid to do, things that he does out of the kindness of his heart.  I really do think that Mr. Krutz deserves Principal of the Year for the entire state of Indiana and maybe even the entire United States because he’s just one great man,” Akins said.

That man wears the same school colors with pride.  The 1979 Merrillville Pirate said his leadership, plus good teachers, equals students who learn.  He will represent the Hoosier state along with 17 thousand principals at the National Principals Association competition.

Krutz said, “This is just affirmation of what we put in place, five, six years ago as we made some changes to our curriculum. When we hire teachers to come here we’re looking for relationship builders because without a great relationship, learning won’t take place.”

Junior Cassie Govert said she appreciates how her principal is always available.

“He comes in here with a great attitude and he’s always on the announcements talking to us and you can just tell that he loves his job.  We always see him and he’s not hiding like some principals do.”

As students waved their flashlights to a recording of the song ‘The Script’ performed by singer Will.I.Am, they were reminded to be thankful for having a beacon of hope in their midst.

By Renetta DuBose

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