Merrillville Police Officer Dies On Duty

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September 8, 2014 — A 24-year-old Merrillville police officer who was shot in the head while responding to a call about an evicted tenant was taken off life support at a suburban Chicago hospital and died.

Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force spokesman Robert Byrd says Officer Nickolaus Schultz was shot Friday night when he and other officers were responding to a call about an evicted tenant who had apparently moved back into the condo in Merrillville. The man believed to be the shooter, 33-year-old Michael Hrnciar, had been evicted from the condo in July because of a foreclosure.  He then fatally shot himself.  Police say Hrnciar was wearing body armor.

The Indiana State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police is working with the Merrillville Police Department to prepare for the funeral for Schultz

Schultz was a 2009 Lowell High School graduate.  Dozens of students at Franklin College gathered yesterday at a vigil for Schultz, who graduated from Franklin last year and was a football team captain.
Schultz’s shooting death comes two months after the death of Gary Patrolman Jeffrey Westerfield. Westerfield was fatally shot July 6th in the 2600 block of Van Buren Place in Gary while searching for a suspect in a domestic violence incident.

Governor Mike Pence says the death of Officer Schultz is a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices law enforcement officers and their families make every day.  Pence says Schultz risked his life fulfilling his oath to serve and protect.



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