Memorial Day… In Europe

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Each Memorial Day, we remember and honor those who have given their lives fighting for our Country. But, would you believe they honor American veterans in Germany, too?  There are two American cemeteries in Germany that host the graves of World War I and World War II soldiers.  Joe McBride is a Region Resident whose veteran relative is buried in Belgium.  Tavis Buchan spoke with McBride, as well as Raf Dycymans, a member of a European organization that honors American soldiers.


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  1. Raf Dyckmans says:

    There are some little mistakes in the tekst above. There are several American cemeteries in Europe, but not one in Germany ! In the interview, we spoke about the two cemeteries in Belgium and the one in The Netherlands. Also my name is wrong spelled. It’s Raf Dyckmans. Thanks.

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