Memorial Day A Lifetime Tribute

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Memorial Day is leaving another day, and another year, in tribute to honor military service personnel who died in the line of duty. Monday at the City’s “Doughboy Statue,” the Hobart (Indiana) Marine Corps League, American Legion, families and citizens honored military women and men who defend the nation.
People lined streets around the Doughboy Statue in Hobart, including guest speaker Jerry Herzog, “We wouldn’t be free if it weren’t for the men and women who have sacrificed themselves in order to defend this country.”
James Somy attended the ceremony, “It’s a wonderful thing. I really think it’s a patriotic, noble gesture, and it’s very important that we back our country in all respects.”
Ina Ramirez agreed, “Because we have freedom, not everyone can do this; there are a lot of places in this world that are not able to even get out on the street.”
Ninety-one Hobart people died in wars, so as 91 names were read a bell rang following each name, honoring them. Earl McDowell is Commander of American Legion Post 54, “They paid the ultimate sacrifice. They gave up their life for their country, so that’s why them.”
Ramirez has family members who served, “My father fought in the First World War, my brother fought in the Second World War, my husband fought in the Korean War.”
Somy also has family members as veterans, “I have relatives who were in World War II, so I feel connected in that regard; my brother was in, so was my brother-in-law. I can say, ‘Thank you very much,’ and pray for them, and I’m very glad that they’re on our side.”


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