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Matt Deitchley INDOT Interview

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Construction and improvements are part of a big project across Indiana involving the state highway system.  The annual Reason Foundation Report
ranks Indiana 22nd in road condition, up from 23rd in the last report. Indiana Department of Transportation Media Liaison Matt Deitchley talked
with Lakeshore’s Jerry Howard about the state’s highway infrastructure. Deitchley says pavement preservation is INDOT’s priority for state highway
infrastructure.  While the Report Indiana ranked 1st in rural interstate pavement condition, it ranked 28th in urban interstate pavement condition,
likely because of heavier urban roadway usage. INDOT values the average driver, using driver input to monitor the
condition of roads and bridges and draw attention to potential problems that are otherwise unnoticed.  INDOT invites Hoosiers to use its social
media outlets to report problems and to monitor highway condition. Deitchley says INDOT sees special weather challenges to roadway
maintenance and long-term conditions in northwest Indiana due to Lake Michigan, particularly lake-effect wintry weather that can contribute to
potholes with rapid freezing of moisture within pavement.  He says INDOT is working with Purdue University on stronger concrete formulas to improve
the strength of concrete used as the footing base that serves as the foundation material for highways.


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