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London eyes NFL club

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LONDON (AP) — According to a study commissioned by the NFL and a London marketing agency, an NFL franchise in London could generate more than $250 million a year for Britain. The prospect of a team being permanently based in London has been growing since the NFL first brought regular-season games to the city in 2007. With three games at Wembley Stadium this season, the British government recently offered its backing to persuade a franchise to base itself overseas.

The feasibility study forecasts the city enjoying an annual economic boost of $165 million from hosting eight home games. Including spending outside of the capital linked directly or indirectly to a franchise, the study says a London team’s total potential could be $255 million per season.

At the same time, the study showed that the idea of having London host a Super Bowl may not be all that wise, primarily because of the time difference. The report also says there could be a backlash by Americans that “their” game is being played in another country.


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