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Local Legislator Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

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By: Lakeshore Staff

October 6, 2014 — Indiana House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath today issued the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up any cases involving bans of same-sex marriages in Indiana and four other states during the court’s new term:

“The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that this long and divisive marriage debate is over. Let’s move on.

“For political purposes, we have squandered nearly a decade of our people’s energy on the issue of who loves whom. The gamesmanship has dragged on and on through the past few legislative sessions. But as one court after another has struck down bans on same-sex marriage, the pointlessness of this maelstrom has become even more obvious.

“For those who sought a final ban on marriage equality, the Supreme Court decision must be a bitter pill. We have all been displeased with court decisions at one time or another. They will live.

“I’m sure we will hear judges slammed as activists and liberal do-gooders. But let us not forget that a number of conservative jurists have debunked arguments against marriage equality.

“Now perhaps this decision will free up resources for more important court battles, like ensuring Indiana’s interests are represented in the recent Toll Road bankruptcy.

“But the true shame here has been seeing the business of the people of Indiana held ransom by backwards, old-fashioned thinking. It is time to look to the future.

“Now opponents of equality have been told they are wrong. Let’s hope this ends, once and for all.”

Source: Indiana House Democratic Caucus


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