Local Governments Helping NIPSCO

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November 18, 2013 —  Lake County’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency director is thanking street crews in the towns and cities for helping clear away downed trees and tree limbs, so NIPSCO crews can restore power to affected areas.  NIPSCO says Sunday’s high winds damaged three transmission towers and snapped more than 120 utility poles.

Jodi Richmond told Lakeshore Public Radio that everyone’s help will speed up the clean-up process.  “I know a lot of people get tapped out on their resources and manpower; that it’s hard enough for them to help their residents clean up, much less think about finding time to help NIPSCO — because it’s a lot of residents’ main concerns is to get power restored.”

Richmond says power restoration and storm cleanup from yesterday’s fast-moving storm system should be accomplished a lot sooner, compared to past storms.  Richmond says the severe storms last spring that knocked out power around Munster for several days led to NIPSCO crews removing a lot of tree limbs inside power lines this past summer.


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