Local Firefighters Get New Rescue Gear With Steelmaker Grants

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May 16, 2914 —  ArcelorMittal news release — Representatives from 11 local fire departments gathered with ArcelorMittal leadership this week to demonstrate the use of a new hydraulic rescue tool at the Highland Fire Department and the critical role the new equipment plays in an emergency vehicle extraction situation.

The Highland Fire Department purchased the Champion PW-65-5 Honda SIMO power unit and the SC 11M-10 beast cutter spreader. This was made possible through an ArcelorMittal nationwide grant program to support fire departments located in communities where the steelmaker operates. Ten additional departments in the Northwest Indiana region also received funding to purchase similar equipment.

“In an effort to provide optimal safety to both the driver and passengers, today’s vehicles are constructed with advanced steel grades,” explained Highland Fire Chief Bill Timmer. “In severe crashes, an extraction – or disentangle exercise – is often required to remove passengers from a vehicle due to crumple zones designed to minimize intrusion to passengers.”

“All the fire department chiefs are so appreciative of ArcelorMittal’s support so we could purchase equipment, which will allow us to efficiently and effectively respond to severe crash scenarios,” added Timmer.

The partnership underscores ArcelorMittal’s commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its employees and community members and aligns with the company’s leading role in providing automakers with advanced steel solutions that achieve the optimal balance of safety, weight, cost and performance for today’s vehicles.

“Above all else, the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate is our number one priority,” said Les Swanson, process manager of fire protection for both ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor and Indiana Harbor. “This grant supports our health and safety focus and also aligns with our company’s franchise business of automotive. Here in Northwest Indiana, advanced steel grades are developed and tested at our R&D facility in East Chicago, while our Indiana Harbor and Burns Harbor steelmaking operations produce these steel solutions for the North American auto market.”

ArcelorMittal is the leading steel supplier to automakers throughout the world, with about 17 percent of the world’s automotive market.

ArcelorMittal provided funding to 21 fire departments in U.S. communities where it has operations to upgrade hydraulic rescue equipment.

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