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Local Face Of Poverty Changing 50 Years After War On Poverty

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June 10, 2014

Worried you’re not successful? Failure is pretty hot these days. Host Steve Walsh talks to the people behind a company that sponsors a conference based on the stories of people who failed.

The times also published an exhaustive look at poverty in Northwest Indiana. We’ll talk to two of the reporters behind the project.

Three communities still have not joined Lake County’s E-911. We talk the president of the Cedar Lake Town Council.

We’ll also talk to the Department of Child Services about a new report on the number of child deaths in Indiana.


Guests include:

James Wide, communication director for the Indiana Department of Child Services

Austin Dean, one of the co-founders of Failure-Lab

Marc Chase, columnist and investigative reporter with the Times of Northwest Indiana

Vanessa Ruderman Times of Northwest Indiana

Randell C Niemeyer  president Cedar Lake Town Council


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