Local Authorities Fight The Introduction Of “Molly”

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A synthetic drug popular among teenagers and young adults for its use in hip-hop music lyrics might be more dangerous than the artists are leading kids to believe.  The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose reports about the dangers of the drug called “molly” …and tells us how parents can help make sure their children do not become one of its users……
Music: “Pop a molly, I’m sweatin’.  Pop a molly I’m sweatin’.”

Renetta Dubose:  Hip hop artist Trinidad James brings the illicit drug Molly to the limelight in his popular song All Gold Everything … and while he may tell you the drug makes you sweat … its consumption can do more harm.

Dr. Johann Farley: This is a highly dangerous drug.

Family medicine and addiction specialist Johann Farley says the drug Molly … short for Molecule … is similar to the euphoric drug Ecstasy or M-D-M-A made popular about a decade ago.  While users expect their molly to be pure … Doctor Farley says manufacturers of the drug … which originates in Canada, the Netherlands and Asia along with pill mills in the United States… rarely make it consistently, incorporating anything from caffeine to methamphetamine.

Dr. Farley: “Eating it or ‘parachuting,’ which is putting the molly in a napkin and swallowing it.  It starts off as a bitter taste and then the high kicks in.”

Just like the song suggests … Molly does increase the body’s temperature.  Doctor Farley says it also causes dehydration and exhaustion.  He says if mixed with alcohol or other pharmaceuticals or both … a coma … seizure or cardiac arrest could occur.

Bob Taylor: It’s something new, something stronger.”

Porter County Drug Task Force Coordinator Robert Taylor says he began seeing Molly in his jurisdiction about two months ago.  The Ecstasy spinoff sells in a crystal pill form for twenty dollars or less in high school crowds.  Dealers face two to ten years in prison for the Class C felony and businesses face losing a license to operate.  Taylor says catching someone is tough because Molly fans stay alone.

Bob Taylor: “Molly users lay around in vegetation state…will they be out robbing banks? probably not.”

Music: molly girl

As the Molly sensation grows among youth through music … Indiana Youth Institute President Bill Stanczykiewicz says parents should be aware of the signs of any drug use.

Bill Stanczykiewicz: “Young people can be evasive and not tell their parents about what they do with their friends.  They can also commit petty theft of items from home…stealing money for drugs.”

Stanczykiewicz suggests parents help their kids avoid being victims of Molly by becoming part of their culture.

Bill Stanczykiewicz::  “Know the world they live in…know who they have as friends…monitor them online and  befriend them on Facebook.”


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