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Living Proof of First Responders’ Efforts

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August 28, 2013 — Indiana Governor Mike Pence is honoring the dozens of men and women who rescued a six-year-old boy from a collapsed sand dune.

Six-year-old Nathan Woessner was buried alive when he fell into a hole on Mount Baldy dune in July, covered by sand 11-feet deep along Lake Michigan’s south shore at Michigan City.

Today the Governor had words of appreciation for everyone involved in the rescue during the ceremony at Michigan City’s City Hall.

Nathan attended the event with his family, and Governor Mike Pence, to a ceremony honoring  139 men and women who saved Nathan’s life.

Governor Pence compared the determined rescue workers to a shepherd in the Bible who never gave up on looking for one lost sheep.  Pence says like the shepherd, little rescue workers never stopped searching for him.

The workers received awards during the celebration for the outstanding job they did when they dug Nathan out from under 11-feet of sand on top of him.

The Governor says the first responders are special because they never gave up and never lost hope, even after Nathan’s lifeless body was pulled from the hole.

The Governor and Michigan City officials are calling the rescue the Miracle Of Mount Baldy.  Even Nathan’s family believes Jesus was with their little boy helping rescuers on the day they brought Nathan home.


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