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Live Table Games Bill Withdrawn

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A House floor amendment trying to add live table games at racetrack casinos back into a gaming bill was abruptly withdrawn Thursday.  But as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, its author says the issue is still alive:

The Senate version of the gaming bill allowed live table games at racetrack casinos, rather than the electronic games currently at the facilities.  But the House Public Policy Committee removed them from the legislation.  Shelbyville Republican Representative Sean Eberhart – whose district contains one of the state’s two racinos – offered an amendment on the House floor to put live games back in…only to withdraw the amendment before a vote took place.  Still, he says offering the amendment accomplished its aim for now:

“Just being respectful to my chairman.  I was grateful that we were allowed to discuss the issue in front of the whole chamber.  The whole intent of the amendment was to get that discussion in front of the whole body.”

Eberhart says he anticipates the live table games being added back into the bill when it gets to conference committee and believes a majority of the House will vote in favor of a gaming bill that contains live table games.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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