Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich


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On today’s show, we’re broadcasting LIVE from the Lake County Fair, inside the Lakeshore Public Media showcase tent next to the 4-H building.

The Lake County Agricultural Society started the annual fair in 1852 to showcase the achievements of agriculture in the county. Back then, it was a way for the people of the county to gather for some good fun and a little competition, the fair’s website states.

But, I wondered, what is being showcased these days at this county fair, or any county fair? We visited the fair earlier this week with one thing in mind: Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the 21st century version and its 19th century ancestor.

Our special guests today include Ken Craft, a Lake County Agriculture Society board member, and Jeff Blomness, a carnival owner who got his start at the fair. Plus, a 4-H member and, hopefully, Monique the tarot card reader, who will read Jerry’s cards on the air.


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