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Liberal Arts Education Still Important

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At least one Indiana higher education official says despite public perception, liberal arts education remains crucial and on the rise in Indiana. Network Indiana’s Mike Corbin reports…..


Independent Colleges of Indiana President Richard Ludwick says in the past decade his organization has seen a steady increase in enrollment in the humanities and liberal arts programs. ICI represents 31 private, non-profit colleges and 90-thousand students across the state.

Ludwick says all of ICI‘s colleges have liberal arts as the core of their programs. He says most of the colleges link professional development with the true education provided by liberal arts. Ludwick says his organization has created a “Corporate Partners” program. He says through the program, employers have consistently demanded graduates that have communication and thinking skills that only the liberal arts can provide.

Ludwick says liberal arts remain as relevant as they‘ve always been. He says many liberal arts colleges in Indiana are logging record enrollment. Ludwick says he was a history major himself and has developed analytical skills, team empowerment and other skills that are now considered valuable in the workplace.  Ludwick credits the economic downturn with helping people focus on true values and skill sets that only a liberal arts education can provide.


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