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Legislature This Week: Budget, School Vouchers, Abortion Pill

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With less than three weeks left in the legislative session, some of the most significant bills – including the budget – were advanced by the House or Senate this week.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on the week at the Statehouse:

The Senate approved its version of the budget, which includes a three percent personal income tax cut and a significant boost to roads funding.  The House and Senate will now continue their negotiations over the budget in conference committee.  Another measure headed for the negotiating table expands the state’s voucher program after narrowly passing the Senate.  The Senate version requires voucher recipients to spend at least one year in public school and allows kindergarten to count toward that time. It does not go as far as the House’s version, which eliminated the public school attendance requirement entirely.  The Senate sent legislation more strictly regulating abortion-inducing drugs to the governor, who is expected to sign it.  The bill will likely force one Indiana facility, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Lafayette, to stop dispensing the drug.  And the House amended a school safety measure to send language mandating armed personnel in each Indiana public school to a summer study committee, effectively pushing the issue back at least a year.  The bill is up for passage in the House Monday.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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