Legislators Want More Involvement In Ivy Tech

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July 11, 2013 — State Budget Committee Chairman Luke Kenley says he wants Ivy Tech to be more heavily involve lawmakers in the decision-making process as the state’s community college system debates closing some locations. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



The State Budget Committee Wednesday approved three Ivy Tech projects that include a new building in Anderson, expanding its campus in Bloomington and completing expansion of its main Indianapolis campus. At the same time, Ivy Tech President Tom Snyder says the community college is in the middle of an evaluation process that will determine if any of the system’s locations need to close in order to save money. Budget Committee Chairman Luke Kenley says he wants the legislature, the Pence administration, the Commission for Higher Education and Ivy Tech to have that discussion together:


I think what’s happened is that Ivy Tech themselves is feeling the pressure on certain fronts and they’re trying to solve their problems without considering the participation of the other members of the decision-making process.”


Snyder says he’s looking forward to that discussion taking place:


I think that the decision will have to be made by some collegial process, that the communities see the data and agree, which I certainly will involve the General Assembly.”


Snyder says Ivy Tech will not close any locations without first ensuring students can find alternative education options that don’t require traveling long distances. He says he hopes to have a decision made by late this year. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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